Family Law

Family Law arguably brings the most emotional and demanding types of conflicts. Feelings and emotions can run high. Nerves can be frayed. It can be one of the most trying times of your life. In the middle of all of this, you start hearing all kinds of terms and phrases that can be used in court in a variety of ways, like “that is in the best interests of the child”. The things you hear may end up leading to more uncertainty as much as anything else.

The legal professionals at Organ Law Offices PC know this well. We also know that it is important to listen, and to provide sound, seasoned advice when it is needed most. Jim Organ has the experience and dedication to handle the toughest of Family Law cases. Whether it is a hotly contested custody modification, disputes over property, or an agreed dissolution of marriage with no children and a little property, Organ Law Offices P.C. is here to represent your interests in court. We will help you plan your best strategies to address all those terms and phrases that might make things seem so uncertain.

– Divorce

Divorce can involve a very stressful mix of emotional upheaval, amidst conflict over many things all at the same time that all mean so much to us. Your spouse may have said things in a fight about how they would take the children and just leave, or may have raided the checking account and left you with nothing, or any number of other things. You may have heard certain phrases used before, or heard a discussion about a particular legal strategy, or spoken to friends about their experiences and what happened in their own situations.

We can sit down with you and discuss what that terminology or means to you, how a certain strategy may help or hurt you, and how that all can impact what happens in your situation. As your law firm, we would help you understand the laws and the terminology involved, while helping you through the process.

It is important to remember that under Indiana Law issues concerning custody and support can be, and are modified, fairly often, but property division is rarely if ever modified. Children and family are understandably foremost in your mind when a divorce happens. But you also want to be able to minimize the potentially damaging impact divorce has on your finances, and indirectly your children. You really want to get it right the first time.

– Child Custody and Parenting Time

Sometimes arrangements for custody need to be changed. Regardless of the reasons or concerns, we can discuss all kinds of issues you may have, including ones such as:

  • When can custody changes occur, and what rules and laws govern those changes?
  • Should we change the parenting time orders because of job changes or activities?
  • How can time with a parent be limited or restricted?
  • What rules govern parents moving after a divorce, and how will a move impact custody or parenting time?
  • What are the ways I can enforce the Court’s order if there are still problems?

Some situations are fairly straightforward, but many others are not. The legal professionals at Organ Law Offices PC have faced all types of situations, and are able to advise you on the best ways to handle anything from the simplest agreed modification, to the most involved custody fight with full litigation support and use expert witnesses and custody evaluations. We can serve as a source of information not only about the requirements of the law, but also about likely outcomes in court, and custody and parenting time plans that have been successful in other situations. We are also there to evaluate, and when necessary, present to a Court, all of the important and unique factors for each case.

– Child Support

Some parents know that that support is calculated in Indiana using the Indiana Child Support Guidelines. But how are those guidelines to be used, and how do different situations impact the final numbers? How do changes in jobs and benefits, increased or decreased pay, different parenting time arrangements, or even changing day care providers, impact the child support orders? What happens when a child need to go to college, or can already support themselves?

Jim Organ will sit down with you, show you in real terms how different variables impact the support calculation, as well as possible outcomes in Court, and answer all of your questions about how that may impact you and your children.


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