Civil Litigation

Lawsuits and disputes over civil claims are something that business owners and operators can deal with often. In tough times those disputes can have a real impact on your business. If you need an attorney to litigate your civil claims, to pursue contract actions, and to help you recover what you are entitled, contact Organ Law Offices. We have the experience and determination you need for civil litigation, breach of contract actions, small claims and collections, and property actions.

We look for cost-effective resolutions. Sometimes that leads us to recommend early negotiation or mediation. But we stand by our clients, sometimes the most effective resolution can sometimes mean that there are times there is no other choice but to try cases. We are ready, willing, and able, to take your cases to Court, and to represent your interests professionally.

We offer business clients alternatives to the traditional billable hour, including in some instances fixed fees, contingency fees, and modified or blended fee arrangements. We also can tailor our services to your needs, ranging from pre-legal collection efforts, all the way up to complete litigation support. We would be pleased to discuss how those arrangements can work in your business.

If you would like to discuss the details of your business claims or disputes, we invite you to contact the civil litigation professionals at Organ Law Offices PC to schedule a free consultation at your business.


  • Indiana State Bar Association
  • Terre Haute Bar Association - Past President